6 Secretly Dangerous Kinds Of Fitspo

LIMITATIONS ONLY EXIST IF YOU LET THEM! Unless you have a prior disability, or a heart condition, or you’ve just started to get off the couch and you’re not quite ready for the marathon yet.

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Fitspo—motivational images and quotes about fitness—is meant to be inspirational, which is awesome, but some of these images can be dangerous because they secretly promote negative thoughts about yourself. The point of looking at fitspo is to evoke a certain emotional response: motivation. In hindsight it’s hard to remember if you arrived at that emotion through positive empowerment or via emotional manipulation and shaming. Here are six kinds of fitspo that are secretly dangerous:

1. The kind that says your body is the enemy

Fun fact: Plato made us hate our bodies. He thought that our minds were cool but trapped inside these awful bodies. Rather than being a part of our person, your body was just a vessel. Your body isn’t the enemy, it’s part of who you are. Since it’s connected to the way you feel about yourself, you should learn to like it instead of treating it…

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Three Exorcisms

They laid him out in state, on a Tuesday-

With a rosy blush that never graced those pale


And the softening sparkling eyes fast closed.

The wife beside him, he supposes he’s

The chief mourner. Not widowed, but close.

A cold fish, his friend had called her-

In a drunk and unwise moment, not so frequent,

these days.

Her hand is limp on his arm. Her smile is damp.

Deep breaths now. Slow. Deep breaths.


I am rolling cigarettes from buts in a false-dark room

With schizophrenic beats dropping heavy, from those ridiculous speakers

Like in prison, Mike says. You must waste nothing.

Not the tiniest bit,

Not ever.

A man died today. In this faded glow,

Made hellish by those old fashioned red curtains,

I feel this great relief, one I’ll never admit to.


She has visitors every Thursday, from five to seven-

That’s when she laughs, that awful empty sound.

She must control it, she claims, because the spirits

Are in the intonation,

Control it,

Cheek-flesh-and-tongue-between her yellow teeth.

A voice in perfect A-flat minor.

What do you get, if you drop a piano down a shaft?