Feathered Manifesto


This is smokers’ soil! 

We, Feather Riot, regret any convenience caused

by our good grace and opium panties. 

We bar sisters seek to wrly slay

the clunky atrocity of your mean, mean teeth machine.

We seek to resurrect the future,

promoting both disorganized attraction

and regret.


Please note that any unattended rubber will be confiscated

and donated to our resident lingerie vampire

who can be found just down the crying hallway to the right

playing coexist with our musical faeries. 


Borrowing your rich, rich materials

to build our slim, toned castle

has been essential to our soiled fantasy.


Only blank, black footage is universal.

So we watch it every night,

curled up cosy in our collars – 

the only glimpse of possible torment we allow here.

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A Response to Some Criticism, Re-Posted From My Facebook Page

I realise that my tone in my previous blog post bordered on the snarky, and I apologise. Also, I have been fielding two main questions from over half of my six regular readers: they wish to know if I deny that humour can be subversive, and they would also like to know how I, as a straight cis-gendered person, feel qualified to comment on the issue. To these readers, I address my reply:

“Yes, Facebook! I’m a double hinge! I sit on the fence and derive sexual pleasure from it! I’m parallel lines, bent double, a friend of David Bowie! I munch the carpet around the pole! I’m a greedy bastard who had second helpings of taco AND hot-dogs at the buffet!

I’m a double bend in the middle of the road! I’m a fork squeezed in between two knives and a spoon! I’m a, a curious Georgina, a bit of a fickle fucker, A SPAGHETTI GIRL, FACEBOOK! An all around campus girl with a double major!


I originally (accidentally) posted this on my wall, through Keith’s account. Keith doesn’t write my statuses, though he often inspires them. Keith is not bisexual, but only those who made it this far through this bloody essay of a post will be corrected on that point.

Peace out, mofos! xoxo

Trigger Warnings, Trauma, & a Politics of “Thick Life:” On Halberstam’s “You are Triggering Me,” and Povinelli’s Empire of Love

Interesting musings on the ‘trigger warning’ debate. I particularly appreciate the author pointing out the problem of binary thinking in far more eloquent language than I possess.


One of the main discourses to constitute social differentiation as hierarchy and domination is that of binary opposition. –Janet Jakobsen, 1998                                                                         

Is this the way the world ends? When groups that share common cause, utopian dreams and a joined mission find fault with each other instead of tearing down the banks and the bankers, the politicians and the parliaments, the university presidents and the CEO’s? Instead of realizing, as Moten and Hearny put it in The Undercommons, that “we owe each other everything,” we enact punishments on one another and stalk away from projects that should unite us, and huddle in small groups feeling erotically bonded through our self-righteousness. –Jack Halberstam, 2014

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The Fruits of Constructive Criticism.

A regular reader of my blog has described my previous post on trigger warnings as reading “ like a metaphor store got caught up in a twister”. I have re-read the blog post, and I agree. I will now leave it up to the good folks at WordPress to decide for themselves whether a “Meg’s Blog Metaphor Drinking Game” would be a good idea, or a recipe for certain destruction. If anyone knows that such a game already exists, please do not inform me of this, as you clearly throw better parties than I do and I’ll get jealous.

The Populism Chronicles, Part Two: Croke Park and its Discontents

Cunning Hired Knaves

A large part of Ireland’s imagination appears gripped by the controversy concerning Garth Brooks concerts at Croke Park. One hears weeping and gnashing of teeth from people whose dream of seeing Brooks play live may be dashed, and from people who see the dispute as a source of some kind of national shame, or at least profits foregone.

The controversy provides a good opportunity for looking at populism in the Irish context. Last week, using the example of Stephen Collins, I tried to show how populism, in the eyes of the political and media establishments, means an opposition to orthodox good sense and prudence in economic management that is expressed through appeals to collective passions. As I also tried to show, this orthodox good sense and prudence, which dictates that saving the financial sector is a precondition for any other political action, must hold sway against popular strivings and…

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Too Sharp, That One.

I have always been a cutter,

Of paper for art projects and of my finger on that paper
(always so clumsy, that one)

Then of meat for a family meal, first in tandem with an educator
and then because my autopilot was the sole one that happened to be working
(on that day, at least)

I cut sentences from short stories that I viewed as self indulgent
I cut out friends and family who made me feel small.
I cut thighs and hips and calves
(to be tattooed later)

I wanted indelible marks of my own design, not just the scars of your stares,
Approving or disapproving, no matter when
The intention is to slice two inches off my already stunted height.

But hey, what would I know.
At least, I’m told, I have a nice arse
(For a pseudo-intellectual.)