A Response to Some Criticism, Re-Posted From My Facebook Page

I realise that my tone in my previous blog post bordered on the snarky, and I apologise. Also, I have been fielding two main questions from over half of my six regular readers: they wish to know if I deny that humour can be subversive, and they would also like to know how I, as a straight cis-gendered person, feel qualified to comment on the issue. To these readers, I address my reply:

“Yes, Facebook! I’m a double hinge! I sit on the fence and derive sexual pleasure from it! I’m parallel lines, bent double, a friend of David Bowie! I munch the carpet around the pole! I’m a greedy bastard who had second helpings of taco AND hot-dogs at the buffet!

I’m a double bend in the middle of the road! I’m a fork squeezed in between two knives and a spoon! I’m a, a curious Georgina, a bit of a fickle fucker, A SPAGHETTI GIRL, FACEBOOK! An all around campus girl with a double major!


I originally (accidentally) posted this on my wall, through Keith’s account. Keith doesn’t write my statuses, though he often inspires them. Keith is not bisexual, but only those who made it this far through this bloody essay of a post will be corrected on that point.

Peace out, mofos! xoxo


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